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A trusted resource for over 100 years.

Our timely, global database has been the secret weapon of academic institutions, government agencies, investment bankers, money managers, entrepreneurs and researchers for over a century. Now, thanks to Voyant, that wealth of information is available to those who want to make the most of every career opportunity.

Better opportunities. Better results. Better accountability.

Voyant isn’t just the best resource for people looking for fantastic career insight, it’s also a powerful tool for schools, libraries, advisors, counselors, parents—anyone who wants to give some guidance and play an active role in helping others make the most of every career opportunity. That’s because, along with easy searches, customizable filters, mappable data, and our handy organization and tracking tools, Voyant provides in-depth reporting, helping you stay on top of every opportunity, action and application, and evaluate progress. It’s a win-win!

Personalized Dashboard

A personalized interface that helps the user to navigate through the site. The user can find events, search for online resources in the learning center and use their tracking widget which keeps a record of the jobs and companies you've been searching.

Customized Search Results

Voyant has the ability to search well beyond just job postings. In Voyant, the user can customize exactly what kind of opportunities they want to look for. Students you can search based on your major. Military personnel can search based on their MOC (Military Occcupation Code). Any job seeker can look for companies based on size, location, and industry to see what opportunities are out there.

Voyant works on any device

Voyant is a fully responsive website allowing you to work on any device.

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